Capt. Chris Gatley formerly of
The Ardent Angler
Guide Service & ESPN Outdoors

District Sales Manager - Pure Fishing
Assisting Northeast Saltwater, Freshwater & Great Lakes Fishermen

Capt's Cam Video & Fishing Reports 2012

July 16 - The New Crack Cocaine for Fluke - Gulp Marinade


Sandy has really set a lot of us back and my marina finally opened despite having

no water or electric.  That did not keep me from fishing with good friends this past weekend.  Fluke fishing was very poor to be honest but we managed to boat

11 keepers out of 18 fluke in all and I must say that much of it came through the

assistance of Gulp Marinade and Dan from Reel Music Charters.  Dan is a pretty

serious fluke bucktailer and he was over in my barn Friday night.  Together, we

concockted a bunch of stuff and spike our buckets and discussed biting trends. 

Gulp Marinade is due out in September and comes in plenty off scents including

some for steelhead/salmon and saltwater.  Dan was using the mullet and I was

using the freshwater minnow scent. 


The fish above hit a 3 inch shrimp teaser in the root beer and chartreuse tail color. 

My best rig was a bucktail rigged with the 6 inch tail in Nuclear Chicken color.  My

teaser was the Squido in white most of the time.  both hooks split the fish 50/50.


We did use some fluke belly but primarily it was all Gulp and Gulp Marinade.

July 5 - Back from the West


I spent the last 10 days out west for a family wedding and was fortunate to trout

fish some of the country's most famed rivers including the Madison, The Snake

River and the South Fork.  Access was very tough as was the water flows on

these major rivers.  River flows were still in the trees forcing me to tributaries.


The folkss at Jack Dennis Fly Shop in the Town Square of Jackson Wyoming

suggessted that I look at the Hoback Creek and Granite Run.  Each of these

smaller streams were just miles from the campground, making it a great choice.


Jack Dennis sold me all sorts of indicator flies but it was flies that had yellow hues

that out-perform all other dry flies.  I have no idea what was hatching but fishing

was so good I began tying yellow thread onto my sulphur flies in order to continue

catching fish.


All of that said, the cutthroat in these rivers were primarily 8-12 inches with some

larger fish.  Nothing to get excited about other than the fact that I did not have to

pay a guide and that $500 can now go into my saltwater boat gas tank.

The pictures above shows 'The Fishing Bridge' in Yellowstone Park.  The pictures

around this bridge reminded me of the Salmon River back in the snagging day.'s

Apparently, hundreds upon hundreds of anglers would line this bridge in pursuit of

the spawning cutthroat below.  Back towards the mountains is Yellowstone Lake.

June 24 - Back in After the Storm


My saltwater marina is finally piecing itself back together.  I was able to get my

boat in and do a shake down run making sure she is ready to go.  Friends inform

me that bass fishing has slowed but I am sure that the bite is going off somewhere. 


A few Mako sharks are being caught off North Jersey and with one close friend

catching bluefin in green water not far from the shark guys.  The bottom fishing

remains excellent off North Jersey with fluke fishing doing real well just north of



Dealers on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River told me that smallies are still on

their beds up around the Clayton area with some real big fish in the 6 pound range

being caught daily.  Greg at 1000 Island Bait Shop told me that creature baits and

Goby imitations are crushing the bass.  As for the brown and salmon bite,

Fat Nancy's told me that the temperature is too consistent from surface to bottom

and the fish are spread out.  Browns and salmon are really tough to come by on the

east end.  I did outfit Good Times Sportfishing with some 2014 Great Lakes

trolling product from both Penn and Abu Garcia.  Nick said he was running 20 miles

to find brown trout.  Usually he runs 4 or 5.

June 16 - Father's Day


I spoke with a friend of mine, Capt. Chuck Distefano of Skip A Dory Charters

regarding the Big Bluefins that have inundated the Cape Cod region of late. 

Chuck is a long time commercial fisherman and lobsterman out of downtown

Boston.  During our catch up session, Chuck was telling me that plenty of bluefin

up to 90 inches are being caught but they are leean and have little

to no fat content right now which in turn is yielding little to no market value..  He is

afraid that the quota will be half filled before the fish will bring better values. 

I suppose I never looked at it that way.  Just another person's perspective on the


June 13 - Making the Rounds

I traveled earlier this week through the Adirondacks visiting my new customers for

PENN & ABU Garcia.  All I kept hearing about were the tuna being caught in the



The weather has really been terrible so I have not heard much other than when

guys get out, the catch stripers and fluke.  Western Lake Ontario was fishing really

well but the eastern end has been tough; even for brown trout.  I am back in NY

next week and plan on fishing Lake Ontario while filming the new Abu Garcia

Alphamar Line Counter and its Syncro Drag technology.  This reel allows the user

to place the reel into a reduced drag mode instantly so that a downrigging angler

or side planer board troller can pay out line as the gear is deploying.  Typically,

the reel is in free spool or the angler has to reduce tension on the drag.  The

Alphamar Linecounter will be like having another set of hands in the boat while

maintaining line tension.  More to follow on this reel.


June 4 - I'M BACK
Penn Spinfishers started in the 60s as a green base.  The models 700's were left hand
while the701 was a right hand retrieve. Future models of the 704/705 came with a mist
green body and white side plate. Eventually, they came black in color and were called
model 704Z/705Z. Early Z's had a black cast aluminum spool but PENN eventually
manufactured all Z's with gold machined aluminum spools.  This fall, the Z is back and
made in the USA; right here in Philadelphia!
June 3 - Recent Fish Monger Charter - North Jersey

One of my former customers and long time friend sent me this photo from his trip
aboard Fish Monger Charters out of Manasquan,Inlet.  Like I said earlier,
mass destruction on the grounds this past week.   Fish Monger is well known as an excellent bottom fisherman and his booked business and photos like this are why.

Salmon fishing out of Wilson, NY (Buffalo)has been on fire.  Plenty of salmon are
being caught on spoons and flasher/fly combo'.  As for the eastern end of Lake
Ontario, the brown trout bite has been tough over the past month.
June 2, 2013

My marina told us yesterday that we are still a couple weeks out from splash down.
I did however install Dragonfly, Raymarine's answer to down scan technology.
What makes Dragonfly different is that it is the first company to utilize the CHIRP
technology in the down scan view that I am aware of.  The picture to the side gives
you an idea of what it does.  As for fishing, the water off Shark River has been
extremely cold due to the south winds creating upwelling currents. I do know that
Capt. Rich Kostyu did catch bass for his charters yesterday while a former
customer showed me a picture of mass destruction on the sea bass grounds
Fish Monger Charters.  I will pull that photo this week. 

May 25, 2013

Most people do not recognize the Pure Fishing
logo or know who they are.  Pure Fishing owns
famous fishing brands including PENN, Berkley,
Fenwick, Abu Garcia, Hodgman waders & more..

As of two weeks ago, I became the New District
Sales Manager for NY, North Jersey and Vermont.

This position includes advisory panels ensuring
that we build the right products that fisherman
want while striving to build the quality products
fishermen demand.

Once the marina puts my docks back  in the
water, expect to see updates and information.
My former ocean charter boat has been up on Lake Ontario putting
meat in the boat with Captain Mike Weaver.  Mike was back at it again
this week but on his buddies boat.  Fish can be found in 120-200 feet
of water holding about 100 ft down. The hot ticket has been Luhr
Jensen dipsy-divers on wirerun out 300-375ft. Flasher fly combos have
been out fishing most spoon presentations. The majority of fish have
been weighing 15-20lbs with the occasional 25-30lb brute. Consistent
small winds have kept the Chinook salmon bite stable. As long as we
don't get any major blows, the fishing should remain good. The lake is
set up nice.

I arrive in two weeks for another Jig fishing television shoot. 
Hopefully this year the kings will be in bait balls ready to take jigs
July 7 - Tuna in the Slop

The fishing has been poor the past few days with many guys getting blanked, no tuna. 
Capt. Rich (and co-captain partner) rolled in the 36 Yellowfin with a group while I ran in
the 27 World Cat.  Obviously Capt. Rich Kosztyu got to the fish first as his boat ate up
the 4-6 foot seas.  For us, it took a bit longer.  As it was getting light, we pulled back
and set the lines on a little known pimple; short of the mark. 

The World Cat's first fish was one within minutes so we hunkered down, battled the
waves and began a slow pick of tuna.  Capt. Rich on the 36 Yellowfin was further to
the East and was slaying the 33" class bluefin on jigs.  I think by days end, that group
boated 20 or so. Our boat decided to stop trolling at Noon with some tuna under their
 belts so we headed to another lump, where we found 1-2 pound bonito wanting to eat sacrifice leaf jigs in 60 gram.

On another boat, Capt. Gene Quigley of Shore Catch had a stellar day too putting 20
some tuna in theboat using spreader bars.  The fish that were in the Glory Hole region
 are still there, and, apparently in 2 separate spots.
July 5 - Speed Jigging Hits VT
Last year on Navionics business, I was escorted by the University of Vermont's
research vessel captain out onto Lake Champlain.  In heavy winds, I introduced him
 to speed jigging for lake trout.  That day, we only caught fish on the troll because we
could not drift and jig properly due to the heavy winds.  Over the past few
weeks, I began getting pictures of 6-10 pound Lakers, all taken on sacrifice leaf jigs
and other styles of jigs.
  These guys are enjoying 20-30 fish days when
 trolling typically produces 12 fish days.

The holiday week on the Delaware River:  The river has been fishing poorly except
 for the hours of grey light to 7am.  The bass and walleye have been crushing top
waters and stick baits.  Once the sun rises over the trees, it is over.  On Friday, July
3rd, I fished the river at night trying to escape that 80 degree daytime water temp. 
Well, we struck out, even with the Hydro Glow lights.

The fluke fishing is phenomenal right now off Shrewsbury Rocks.  Jigging 6 ounce
buck tails is performing well.  I was suppose to fish with Capt. Mickey on Thursday
field testing some new Daiwa rods and reel designed for buck tailing fluke.  That trip
got cancelled.  I can tell you now that the reel we were field testing was a Daiwa
Lexa 300 low profile bait caster with 22 pounds of drag.  The rod is top secret still.
June 29  Montauk Yields a 60 Pounder
Above, Scott Leonard of Star Island Yacht Club caught this bass earlier in the week. 
Knowing Scott, he was using bunker on select rock humps.  The bass fishing in and
around Montauk and the Sound is excellent right now.

Here at home, the tuna fishing inshore is yielding smaller fish.  Most of the guys I talk
with are making the run to the Spencer Canyon.  Bob Cope running his charter
business out of Utch's Marina in Cape May told me yesterday that white marlin,
yellowfin and even wahoo have invaded the southern grounds.
June 22  Plenty of Tuna

Tuna in north Jersey is no secret right now.  Numbers of smaller bluefin (20-30#)
invaded the near shore waters in recent weeks.  Lately, they have been taking
spreader bars trolled with virtually no bait around.  Thursday, I got word of larger 70#
bluefin migrating through another area.  I am not sure if my friends want to forgo
quantities of smaller fish on light gear or shots at a few larger fish.  I guess we will see
what unfolds Saturday.  The picture above is Daiwa's President from last week.  He
flew in and caught this fish while on board Manhattan Fly Charters.  Never in NYC, we
 felt compelled to take this photo.
June 19  E.T.

According to a friend at NJ Fish & Wildlife Department, this Atlantic Needle Fish can
ascend freshwater rivers.  This fish was found swimming alongside another Atlantic
Needle Fish in the Yardley area.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I have provided some information on Atlantic Needle Fish:

As juveniles, the diet of S. marina consists of 70% shrimp, mysids and amphipods and 30% fish,

while adults are exclusively piscivorous.[6][7]

The predators of S. marina include larger piscivorous fish such as the Atlantic tarpon

(Megalops atlanticus).[8] There are also less common predators that include

S. marina in their diet such as the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and

juvenile lemon sharks (Negaprion brevirostris).[9] Since they are surface swimmers,

S. marina are also preyed upon by some birds. The competitors of S. marina include

similar sized piscivorous fish species such as bonefish. Although the maximum salinity of Strongylura marina is 36.9 ppt,[8] they are able to adapt to a wide range of salinities, regularly venturing into fresh water.[2]

Life history

Spawning typically occurs in late spring and summer. In Texas, near ripe females have been

reported in February.[8] Females lay eggs that have many long filamentous tendrils which

attach to floating vegetation or other submerged objects and organisms. S. marina reaches reproductive maturity two years after being born. Spawning activity occurs in shallow

inshore habitats with submerged algal masses.[1]

S. marina depends on submerged vegetation for breeding and shelter. In the Gulf of

Mexico, the eggs of S. marina attach to sargassum seaweed. S. marina is not currently

listed as an endangered species and is not a major commercial or gamefish species.[citation needed] Needlefish spend their lives breeding and swimming near the surface of the water.[10]

June 17 - Happy Father's Day to All

For the video below, I strongly urge you to view in full screen and in HD.  Keep an eye
on the MarCum viewer in the beginning of the first clip.
June 14 - Offshore Fishing the Past Week
                              More to Follow This Weekend

June 2 - Connecticut River Confluence Heats Up!
The region around the Connecticut River is producing respectable bass on on Super
Sized Zara Spooks and 6" Sub Walks.  The stained freshwater from recent rains has
turned on the bite.  Unfortunately, Vermont received 8 inches of rain yesterday and
 that will certainly kill this bite.  Torrid river flows definitely will push the bass to other
places.  On the day of this photo (June1), 26 fish fell to the seductive side to side
action of the lures in waters as shallow as 2 feet!
May 27 - Hudson Canyon Tuna
We kept hearing reports that tuna were being caught in small numbers and with the warmer shot of water that filtered it's way into the Hudson Canyon region, we decided to roll knowing we had two places to look for tuna.  Capt. Rich Kostyzu of MR Charters had one day off between his busy charter schedule and with the mates from Andrea's Toy Charters, we all headed off in hopes of finding fish and busting chops.

Our primary plan was to hit the inshore bluefin grounds but low visibility, no boats to work with in locate fish and the underwater world looking like a desert, we pushed further offshore.  We used the satellite shots taken late the night before and focused on the tip of teh Hudson and wall portions of the Hudson.  We set lines at 8:30am and had our first action by 10am.  Fog was still an issue in the canyon and it was getting rough so we decided to make the 90 mile run home at 1:30PM. 

We trolled Reel Seat Spreader bars to help bring the fish up from the depths but the fish were eating the ballyhoo strategically placed right behind and to the side of the bars. 
May 24 - My Friend with a Near Record Bass Today

Some words from Capt. Blaine's Blog:  "The next drift, I moved over to a different drift lane on the other side of the rock pile. It didn’t take long for my scup to get nervous. A few seconds of frantic dancing was quickly followed by a solid THUMP! The fish didn’t scream line off the open spool like some do,, she just slowly and steadily swam away… I lightly thumbed the spool and let the fish take the line for a 5 count and pushed the lever drag forward, fish on!"

The length was 57.5″ and she had a girth of 32.25″ Based on the formula that the IGFA uses,
( Girth x Girth x Length / 800 =Weight)  I came up with a weight of 74.75 pounds!  

To see more pictures and read Capt. Blaine's full story, visit my friend Blaine at

May 23 - Those Plastics Used in Fishing Reels

Through my days at Shimano and now Daiwa, I can't even tell you how many people walked into the trade show booth, tapped on the reel and said "Oh, this is a plastic reel."

While traveling last month, Hemisphere Magazine aboard United Airlines discussed why airplanes are made out of 90% carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), just like a few Daiwa fishing reels.  Daiwa's Zaion is in fact a CFRP.   Hopefully you can read this interesting read! 

Here is the text that may be difficult to read in the above article by Jacqueline Detwiler of Hemisphere Magazine:

Nearly every boilerplate air-travel article lists the following tips for making flying more pleasant: Bring earplugs or an eye mask to help you sleep, keep the moisturizer flowing so your skin doesn’t dry out, and throw in a few carbon-emission offsets to salve your conscience. These steps only go so far, however, which is why Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner (making its debut with United later this year) is such big news among frequent flyers, airplane aficionados and engineers alike. It’s constructed from a carbon composite that permits larger windows, a quieter cabin and higher humidity, and increases fuel efficiency to boot. Long in the making, it is, by all accounts, a technological marvel. Here’s how they did it.

1. The 787 is made primarily of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), similar in theory to steel-reinforced concrete. CFRP is lighter and stronger than metal, which reduces the weight of the aircraft. Combined with the 787′s state-of-the-art engine (either a Rolls-Royce Trent or a General Electric GEnx), this equals a 20 percent increase in fuel efficiency. CFRP is also harder to corrode than metal, which allows for higher humidity in the cabin.

2. On most modern airplanes, HEPA filters screen the air for pollen and pathogens but miss some organic compounds — from fabrics, paints, foods and passengers themselves — that can irritate your lungs and sinuses. The 787′s new gaseous filtration system absorbs these compounds, increasing the chances that you’ll feel better upon arrival.

3. The typical airplane interior is pressurized to create an “altitude” of 8,000 feet — any lower, and the difference between the cabin and the outside air would put undue strain on the walls. Because CFRP is stronger than metal, the 787′s interior altitude can be lowered to 6,000 feet, reducing the likelihood of passenger fatigue and headaches.

May 20 - Graveyard Shift Walleye
Low water in New Jersey can be a good thing for the small boat fisherman.  Bigger boats are still shrink wrapped on some of the lakes we are targeting while the low water flow in tributaries are forcing the alewife herring to spawn over weed beds.  Fishing in recent days has been explosive and last night was just another night under the Hydro Glow lights as water temps spiked to 66 degrees from 61* earlier in the week.  Last night, schools of herring were spawning in and around the lights and over weeds while walleye and muskie were hunting the perimeter of the light field and often times crushing baits on the surface in front of our eyes.  You could actually see the fish eating in the lights.

I was excited to trial the yet to be released and New BX lure series and Rocking Shad vibrating lure by Rapala.  Unfortunately, the weed bed holding active fish combined with low lake water had the treble hooks fouling up in the weeds on every cast.  So, I went back to old faithful, a Storm Natural Swim Shad because a single hook glides through the weeds much easier.  Plus, every time I reeled in the Storm Swim Shad, schools of alewife herring were trying to mate with the lure.  In the end, that lure took most of our fish but I must admit that a rattle trap took two fish over open water.  There were times when Big Jim McLaughlin's Rip Jigging technique took hits.  Big Jim is a Canadian Icon in the world of Canadian fishing and when he told me about how they rip jigs through the weeds I listened.  And it paid off last night with two of our fish.  When my swim shad stopped in the weeds, I side swiped the rod like I was snagging bunker with a weighted treble. And the walleye actually hit the jig once freed from the weed mat.

Over the years, I personally found that casting 4" swim shads is most effective on longer rods because I can swim the bait in a much more realistic manner through the length of the rod.  I don't care if I am on the ocean or the lakes, longer rods are more effective in swimming shad style baits.  On this night, I was pleasantly surprised by Daiwa's Ballistic Series Bass rod in the 7'3" MH weight class.  When working shows for Daiwa, I thought the overall weight of the rod was too heavy compared to other models of rods on display but after using the rod this week, I have a new found respect for what the engineers at Daiwa produced.  When compared to the TDT rod series (black and blue rod) by Daiwa, the Ballistic is much heavier and more expensive.  But, the Ballistic handled the rip jigging technique and swimming the shad like no ones business.  And since all of our walleye have been over 24", the rod is certainly handling the bigger fish. 

May 18 - Been Too Long

I know it has been awhile and countless emails to keep the site updated have piled in over the months.  I have been running hard, traveling the countryside selling fishing rods and reels.  Add national sales meetings and, well, keeping up to date on the site has been a whole separate job in and of itself. 

Here is What We've Been Up To

Oh yeah, and tuna are here!
A month ago, the folks from In Fisherman and Sportsman's Channel visited me for some striped bass fishing on the Delaware River.  Rather than run my boat, I jumped aboard with my good friend and river guide Steve Kohler.  This was a slow night but we managed a few fish while casting Xrap plugs.  The folks at In Fisherman were so excited that they plan on visiting me again this fall as they wish to film saltwater bass action.
Literally last night (May 17) on Greenwood, the walleye and muskie came out to play.  Casting Rapala F 18's, X Raps and Sebile plastic shads - the fish just couldn't stop biting.  The key wa sto find large schools of herring in the lake and fan cast the area.  Last night, not one walleye was under 24 inches while the largest was 29".  It was one of those nights!
Tuna Spin Fisherman Rejoice

The New Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 7000 will hit the streets next year.  This reel offers 440 yards of 100# braid witha whopping 66 pounds of drag through its carbon fiber drag washer system.  The reel pulls 54.6 inches of line per crank and is packed with Mag Seal, the completely sealed reel with magnetic oil.
March 24  Roe Shad & Striped Bass in Trenton

Lambertville, NJ is yielding consistent action with shad, trout and smallmouth bass taking flutter spoons from an anchored position. I fished this weekend with Dieter Scheel of Big D River Guide Service and he has been running flutter spoons off of two mechanisms.  Small Dipsy divers are set on outside rods while the inside rods use a Shad Rap 7 (SR 7) to deploy the flutter spoon.  Both setups work but the dipsy with a black and pink spoon was the dead ringer on my trip.

March 21 Lake Ontario On Fire

Trolling the southern and eastern shorelines of Lake Ontario is red hot!  40-60 fish days are happening right now with the top lures being Rapala Flat Shads and Jointed 9's & 11's.  My brother has been trolling numbers of fish under 15 feet of water while the larger browns are coming from 17 feet of water.  Expect shoreline fishing to remain hot through the upcoming weeks.
Music & Commentary by Capt. Mickey of the band WEEN
March 14 - Back on the Water - Some of Us Anyway!
March 13 - It's Been Awhile, I Know!

But the warm weather has fishing on Fire!  Shark River, NJ has experienced a good population of striped bass that never left.  Surf guys got them all winter long.  And, in recent days, the boat guys have been doing extremely well with fish up to 35" on Storm Wildeye Live Herring.  My one friend had close to 50 bass yesterday.

The Delaware River is producing Shad right now for Dieter Scheel of Big D River Guide Service.  He is up to 4 today in just 1 1/2 hours.  Water temps today at Frenchtown, NJ were 49 degrees under heavy sun.  Numbers are low but a few fish a trip is occurring.  The fish are riding high in the water and hitting flutter spoons.  Downriver, shad dart tandems are performing well for my other buddies.  I even had a friend using a suspending XRAP today catching a number of bass up to 3 pounds during the midday hours.  Bass were holding on shallow rock as well as deeper back eddies.  Clay and mud bottom were void of smallies he said.

Up on Lake Ontario, the shoreline brown trout fishing has been stellar.  But, it is the lakers and muskies on the chew today.  Yes, my big boat is now on the water!

January 30  River Herring Closed in NJ - It's Official

The below was reported this past Thursday.  And, with the state of PA closing the river, it's officially over!  No more river herring catch, possession or targeting in NJ state water, salt and fresh.  I know most of you will be pissed but what a run we had.  I can say this:  Back when the NMFS closed the state waters of Mass and RI, the state of NJ worked closely with me (and the former NJ Angler Magazine) to help prolong this fishery.  I was a big part of extending this fishery through 2011.  It was due to be closed years ago!

Now with the official news from Press of Atlantic City:

New Jersey has banned the catch and sale of river herring, due in part to lack of personnel and funding to collect appropriate data, the Press of Atlantic City reports.

The State Department of Environmental Protection shut down the fishery, which is often used by fisherman in the bait business, Thursday, according to the report. The state failed to meet a deadline from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to prove the fishery was sustainable.

According to the article, the fishery may be sustainable, but there is not enough staff or funding to prove it.

January 4 More From the Dark Side
January 3 - Hydro Glows & Rapala 13's

Putting Walleye in the Boat!  All of the fish hit at the edge of the lights or under the lights.  The river is fishing very well and the water level is perfect!  Water temp is 40*
January 1st - Ringing in the New Year with Force
The New Year should be great with warmer than seasonable weather.  NJ lakes are producing tons of walleye and muskie right now.  Storm Thunder Shads and Jigging raps are taking plenty of fish but so are home made lures we termed 'Gacker' lures. My friend began making the Gacker Lure when Rapala stopped making the Jigging Rap in size 11.  The Gacker is an enlarged jigging rap more or less to mimic the size of NJ alewife herring.  This is fished vertically.  The fish above fell to this lure on December 31st.  The  big tiger muskie below also fell to this lure 10 days or so ago.  But, plenty of fish were caught this holiday season.  The bite is definitely on!

Night fishing on the river is outstanding too.  Using my LED Lenser lights to drive home safely, I can now target the hot walleye bite in the dark.  We are throwing Rapala F18, Reef Runner's and Sebile's Koolie Minnow's and reeling the lures through two Hydro Glow lights.  Explosive is all I can Say!
December 21  Everything is Biting

George Poveromo informed me today that his shoot down on the Chesapeake was excellent last week.  They were floating eels along the Bay Bridge and caught bass up to 49 pounds in the dark.  Most were in the 40 pound class.

I can say that the Delaware River is on fire, especially at night.  Using LED Lenser lights, I am able to navigate easily down the river.  The walleye bite has been good but most fish are small, under 22"'s.  We are casting Rapala 18F sized lures into main river currents and slowly reeling them back to an anchored position.

The muskie bite has been smoking hot over the past month.  Home made 'Gacker' jigs that mimic the discontinued Storm Thunder Blade is knocking them dead on area lakes and the Delaware River.  Fish vertically and fish near bottom. 

The surf is still producing some bass.  The striper above was caught by Mike Nucero earlier this fall on Daiwa's SP Minnow; a Hot lure this fall and not because I work for Daiwa.
December 4  Fall Bite is On

 Vertical jigging Storm Thunder Blades over balls of herring is producing good numbers of fish in North Jersey.  We found today's fish on the main lake primary drop-offs with rocks on bottom.  Sandy points, mud and other areas were barren.  We were working small flocks of seagulls diving on bait dimpling the surface.  This muskie was under the birds roughly 5 feet off bottom over 40 feet of water. The walleye we caught were not far from this spot too.  Video to Come!

November 27   Go Big or Go Home

We went HOME!  Targeting walleye on the Delaware River, only smallies would hit.  Oh, and an 18 inch muskie.  So, I began throwing a size 18 Rapala.  I did get two big league hits along a heavy current seam but I could not keep them on.  I threw that lure all afternoon.  Probably should have stayed and fished the red eyes.  Jigs took all of our hits for the bass and muskie today.  We were in slow to moderate water flow.

The striped bass fishing remains 'Red Hot' around Barnegat but the fish are mostly under 34 inches.  Plastics are performing very well.  Anything that looks like a sand eel!  Ava jigs with green tails, Ron Z's and Hogy's are your best bets.  The bigger bass are down in Delaware Bay and the Cape May rips.
November 23  Three Ways Rigs & Droppers for Striped Bass

One thing I learned from the charter business is that when jig fishing with tandem lures such as two Ron Z plastic jigs, it is easier to use the surgeon knot rather than use three way swivels.  I like to tie a light lure off the elongated tag end with the heavier jig serving as the anchor under a shorter lead.

It never fails, the line wraps around the swivel and the metal of the swivel (under pressure of the fish) cuts your line.  When making the video below, I was instructing the boat owner how to tie it.  I was not planning this for video.  That in mind, listen close and bear with me.
November 20  Fishing Alone Sucks

It never fails, fishing alone is when the big girls hit.  No one was here to take the photo of this big NJ muskie so my friend quickly laid it on the deck and snapped this photo.  Funny enough, my friend caught it just one week after I said "Wait till the water temp drops below 50* and the chew will be on." This fish hit at 48* water, right at dusk and over rock, classic fall structure!  The lure in the picture is 10" in length but this fat fish took a 24" Bull Dawg a.k.a. " The Pounder"

The fish was released unharned and swam away under her own power.
November 18  Tuna Jigging Reels Made with Zaion

My friend, David Stingo of StinGo jigs and Jig Rods asked me the other day why he should spend the extra $200 on a Daiwa Dog Fight or Saltiga 6500 over the Shimano Stella 18 or 20000.  At first, I did not have an answer but after a few days on the job, I do!

"The Daiwa Dog Fight and Daiwa Saltiga 6500 are the same size as the Stella 10000 by Shimano that you are looking for.  In fact, both Daiwa reels offer 2 extra inches per crank over the Stella 10000.  Plus, both Daiwa offshore spin reels provide 440 yards of 80 pound braid over the Shimano Stella 20000 at 400 yards of 80 pound braid and less with their smaller reels.  What I know from working for Shimano for 10 years is that they now reference their capacities when using Power Pro.  And, Power Pro is much thicker than Daiwa Saltiga braid which we use to reference our capacities.  Daiwa also began using a magnetic oil that keeps water, dirt and blood out of the rotor bearings and the gearing system.  Shimano does not use magnetic oil or blockers that they promote..  Daiwa also places 2 roller bearings on the line roller while Shimano uses just one roller bearing.  Now that the tuna are really big along the east coast, this is getting more and more important."

Zaion material is used only for the rotor on the new Saltiga spinning reels.  Making the rotor with Zaion keeps weight to a minimum.  Less weight means less inertia to overcome as you begin cranking the reel, thus the jigging or popping retrieve startup is fast, with a light, easy feeling as you wind.   Zaion has virtually the same weight and strength as Magnesium, but unlike Magnesium,  is impervious to saltwater corrosion.  The minimized design of the rotor uses only enough material to maintain its strength while eliminating excess material for lighter weight.  The shape of the rotor is what distributes stress more evenly throughout the rotors skeletal design.  The gradual bend of the rotor arms and lack of sharp angles (such as those found on competing tuna jigging reels) prevents points of high stress concentration to maintain strength.  End result is a reduction in overall reel weight, with a smooth, light turning feel.

The Daiwa Dog Fight is not being Discontinued, that is a rumor!

November 16    River Smallies Slamming Jigs

The river turned on big time over the past couple days with tube jigs and hair jigs fished slowly along the slower seams.  The bite is great between 2-4pm.  The video above showcases the best jigs.  Fall jig fishing requires slow presentations ultimately requiring heavier jigs.  I fish at least 1/4 ounce jig this time of year on 8 pound mono-filament over braid.  Since I am using heavier jigs, I can fish with a 7'0 extra fast tip rod with MH power.  The Daiwa Fuego rod is a great choice combined with a Tierra 2500 size reel.
November 15  Simrad Hits Freshwater
Many of you know that I am a Raymarine fan.  But, I must admit that with the new 'CHIRP' transducer technologies offered through Airmar transducers and an accessory purchase for all Simras units allows fishermen to separate targets in really deep water such as 10,000 feet.  The packaged transducer offered by Simrad is great in 200 foot depths and allows freshwater fishermen to enhance their fish finding capabilities.  Below is a link from Outdoor Canada Magazine discussing one of Canada's iconic figures, Gord Pyzer, and how he uses Simrad in his daily fishing.  Gord is the very first freshwater person using Simrad in Canada on lakes.
November 14  Bumping or Chunking D Bay Producing Big Bass

Fishing is really good right now in both the Delaware Bay and the Cape May Rips. The bigger bass are coming from the lower portions of the bay from the hook and when bunker chunking.  Folks weighed many 40-50 pound fish at both Sterling Harbor Bait & Tackle in Wildwood as well as at Jim's Bait & Tackle in Cape May in recent days.  A couple kayak anglers got in on the action and boated three mid 40 pound bass while chunking bunker.  Those bump trolling Eels or Spot in the rips are having a blast too with plenty of good sized fish coming over the rails. It seems that plenty of 20-40 pound fish are in cape May with several 50's too.
November 12  Around The Region

The striped bass fishing in North Jersey really picked up this past week.  The Shark River region was producing mostly bass early in the week but as late as yesterday, the yellow eye'd demons appeared forcing guys to deal.  Like normal, jigs produced very well, especially the Ava jigs.  However, Storm shads also produced good numbers of striped bass.  My sources reveal that the north is yielding plenty of 28-34 inch bass while the mass of bigger bass seem to have appeared in Delaware Bay as they always do, albeit late.  If you can get bunker down in Cape May, some big 40# bass can be caught.  On Veteran's Day, many of the surf tackle shops were busy with folks itching to hit  the beach.  Jingle's and Grumpy's were both too busy to talk while Betty's & Nicks had a spare moment when I called.

The area NJ lakes are in a lull right now with surface water temps at 56*.  Last nights cold weather could have dropped that a bit.As soon as the water drops into the low 50's and high 40's, expect a big bite to develop with muskies and walleye ready to gorge.  The bite at Hopatcong and Greenwood will go off this week at some point.  On Hopatcong, the only consistent bite is the hybrid striper bite on Rapala ice fishing Jigs, the Jigging Rap.

The Delaware River is getting cool as well.  But, the walleye and muskie bite north of route 80 has turned on.  Bull Dawgs and giant stick baits (like 12") are taking both walleye and muskies right now. 

November 8    NO NEWS is GOOD NEWS


The past couple weeks have been a fast paced whirlwind.  It all started with a call from Daiwa management.  So, on November 8th,  my work with Navionics will come to an end. 


My new full time position selling for Daiwa has been 4 years in the making. I must admit that many conversations have taken place through those 4 years on Daiwa acquiring my knowledge and expertise to better their position and brand here in the northeast.  And, I am happy to report that the deal has finally happened.


I know, I know - I have been a staunch supporter of Shimano for over 10 years.  I took great pride is helping Shimano grow to the levels in which they have here in the northeast.  It's even better to know that area dealers knew I helped them through some tough economic times when I began promoting products through cutting edge video aimed at getting fishermen excited and out onto the water and enjoying the successses that I was having.  And, that was when gas was $4.99 a gallon at Great Kills Harbor several years ago.  


That said, my on the water success, grass roots initiatives and my work with Navionics combined with timing will have me working every Daiwa booth at this year's consumer show events.  Stop by and say hello!

October 23 - Bass, Blues & Birds - Everywhere

North Jersey is certainly on fire with plenty of bird action as bass and big bluefish are pushing bait to the surface and feeding.  I guess you need to determine how you want to fish.  Since this is like shooting fish in a barrel, I would rather fly fish for them but who am I to say anything.  I found that Rainfish are best matched with Spanyid jigs(hence my choice of fly fishing) while peanut bunker are best matched by 4 inch swim shads such by Tsunami.

Swim shads are probably the easiest lure to use but reel them slow.  When I use to guide, I preferred to use spin reels that had slower gear ratio's or lower line retrieval rates (such as low profile bait casting reels) over larger, faster reels.  When customers (or me) got really excited during the melee, proper reel selection forces a slower presentation automatically.  It also helps to keep the rod tip high in the air.  The lure's descent is minimal and hook up ratios increase dramatically.  I know I have a video on this presentation somewhere.  But, I am off to another distributor show so the video must wait.  Just think about presentation if others are catching around you.  It is always one subtle nuance to your presentation.
October 16 - Annapolis Sail & Navionics App Video

 I promised many people the video by the weekend.  Please check back in a couple days.  I have been running hard and out of the country for weeks. The video project is next on my list.
October 15  Peanuts = Inshore Bluefin

The inshore bluefin tuna bite in the mudhole region has begun and those that find the peanut bunker in certain harbors should be rewarded with good results offshore.  Most fish according to Capt. Rich of MR Charters are 20-30 pounds; perfect for a 6000 Stella. 

Capt. Mickey has been pounding away on gator bluefish in North Jersey with tons of action all day.  His fares are opting for action over the few striped bass he has been catching.  Mickey is not one for clamming so he is running and gunning.

Sept. 28  Heading to Salmon Country for the River Derby


The river is off a bit with only small piles of fish here and there.  Hopefully a run comes in of this rain.  The lake is still fishing fairly well with many boats catching 7-10 fish per day. 


Instant, Secret Communication Tools for Your Fishing Network


Charter Captains have caught onto to Navionics User Generated Content (UGC/Community Later) feature built into the Navionics app.  Designed to instantly update charts, shoals, channel changes and more...hard core fishermen and charter captains have found UGC to play a key role in communicating on the water rather than running up cell phone bills or talking through marine radios.  The two videos below highlight some of the more advanced features of the Navionics app and how they are helping fishermen and charter captains quietly and secretly inform their network of fishing buddies.

Sept. 25  Saturday Night 1 HR from NYC

We battled Miami style drag boat races, cruisers and bass tournaments in search of muskie on New Jersey's Lake Hopatcong.  Our focus was to cast rock points and weed beds that were pounded by the continual waves from all of the traffic.  Plus, it didn't hurt that a low pressure was being replaced by a high pressure later that night.  It was the perfect scenario in my opinion to catch a muskie.  Like clockwork, a fish hit within minutes of the moon set at 5:08PM.

Sept. 22  Another Local Guide Makes It Big

Fishing Guide, Blaine Mengel fishes the Delaware River and will air his first fishing show on Versus this upcoming week.  Many people probably don't know but our Tri-State area has produced some great media talent.  Gary Edwards worked for ESPN Outdoors, MarkSosin was a NJ guy, I worked for ESPN Outdoors and now Blaine on Versus.  This only means one thing.  We have one kick butt fishery in our region, making people excel at their game while taking it to the top level.


Good Luck Blaine and Congratulations!


Here is some info for Blaine's show:

Backwoods Angler TV Airs!

  • Monday, September 26, 2011 at 7:30am
September 19 - Canadian Bass Fest

Navionics Pro Staff member Danny Dunn and his daughter Sarah got into some great smallie action this past weekend.  Lately, Danny has been fishing and faring well on the Canadian bass fishing circuit but this past weekend, it was family time.  Danny's explanation below shows why he has been winning in Canada of late.

Per Danny: Just wanted to let you guys know how my weekend was. Sarah and I took advantage of the low winds and ventured out to Lake Ontario Saturday. I was especially looking for new water this trip and used Navplanner/Hot maps chip with the 1-foot contours to find shallow flats with narrow tight contours with access to deep water, deep being in the 25-30 foot range. My thoughts where I believed the fish would be deeper and with the warming afternoon coming the fish would head shallow to feed. The shallow water was key, it had to have sand and chunk rock but not miles of it, sporadic was the key. Basically areas I thought the fish would use in the spring to spawn in.


The tight contours meant the fish could have almost immediate access to the shallow/deep water and it would be a key point to intersect fish moving up/down. I didn’t believe the fish would travel 100-200 yards to transition from 30-feet to 8-10- feet I believe the sharper/quicker the drop the better. When I arrived in the morning and put the Hot maps chip in my HDS 8 I zoomed it out to 4K and that allowed the tight contours to jump right in plain sight. I then placed a waypoint at each end of the contour line as a start and finish point.


My plan was to use the front graph ( another HDS 8 networked with the dash with down/side scan) and stay on the break moving along the deep break  looking for fish. I ran the unit in split screen Chart mode on one side and sonar mode alternating back and forth between down scan so I could really see bottom composition ie sand/rock/gravel.  When I saw a fish on the graph I would literally drop my bait down to the fish. Sarah and I where 12-16 on fish we saw on the graph. I ran 3 spots before I found fish on the break, If I didn’t see fish on the graph I didn’t fish it. One of the keys for this day was running the Minnkota at 30% and keeping my eyes on the graph. Now as a note; speed is totally dependent on wind direction and speed.  I found that if I was moving too fast on the trolling motor I couldn’t get my bait down to the fish in time, remember we where fishing as deep as 30 feet of water. Scroll speed was also important to ensure the data I was seeing on the graph was true and right below the boat not 20-feet behind. For baits we used a dropshot with a ½ oz Tungsten cylinder weight. Reason for this set up is the cylinder drops fast than a round weight and Tungsten is significantly smaller in size for the same weight again effecting the drop rate. Once on the bottom we just kept a tight line and waited for the fish to grab it . No shaking it or movement. As for the bait it was a Xzone Slammer all the for color...sorry dude....none of your bees wax! was 10lb braid again thinner line diameter fast drop rate and a 12 lb fluorocarbon leader of about 10 feet. The reason for the longer leader is that if I’m fighting a fish at the side of the boat I want the knot on the reel and no weak points. For rod we used a 7 ½ medium heavy rod. The longer rod helps pick up the line in deep water. One last thing, we set the hook! No sweep sets in 30 feet of water. These fish have hard mouths and we needed to drive the hook home, sometimes I would set the hook once or twice more to ensure I was driving it home.


Later in the afternoon we slowly moved in the shallows looking for cruzing fish, you could miss them. We could see down 18 feet as the water is gin clear so in 2-4 feet of water it was like you could just reach out and touch them! . The fish were up there to feed and  not shy. We could have caught them on top water which would have been fun, but I dont like the hook up ratio so we stuck to Tubes and Drop shot. It was a blast.


In a nut shell between the HDS units and the Mapping I never would have been able to condense my efforts on specific areas. Its cut my searching time but at least 80%. Even though I was just fun fishing I ALWAYS like to catch fish and to share that with my Sarah just completed the circle.

September 18 - Lake Winnipeg Mapping by Navionics

The Lake Winnipeg region and the infamous Red River and The Winnipeg River system are now mapped on the Navionics Gold 2XG chart.  This is big news as Lowrance and Humminbird customers now have maps.  Area expert, Gord Pyzer told me the other other day that Lake Winnipeg's substrate is clay, yielding a green coloration to the backs of the walleye.  And. the walleye are really big.  This region is one of the best places in the world to catch trophy walleye and I will have my chance next March when I help Gord and Bob Izumi drill through 4 feet of ice targeting staging walleye.  

Capt. Chris Gatley




September, 2011


Now Available on Navionics - Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, Red River & Winnipeg River Data

WAREHAM, Massachusetts – Navionics, the world leader in electronic navigation, has updated its coverage in Manitoba, and parts of Ontario, Canada, with CHS compliant chart data for Lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba, the Red River, and the Winnipeg River System. This new data, available for the first time from Navionics, is included with Gold 2XG plug-and-play charts for use in chartplotters and handhelds from DeLorme, Humminbird, Lowrance, Magellan, Raymarine, and Simrad, as well as Navionics’ PC App, and with the Marine & Lakes US&Canada mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Release of this detailed information is beneficial to the many avid anglers who travel to these destinations for recreational fishing.  Coverage includes Lake Manitoba’s popular walleye area known as the “Manitoba Narrows”, Lake Winnipeg’s Traverse Bay region well-known for monster-sized-walleye, as well as Lac du Bonnet and the many lakes that comprise the Winnipeg River system including the area surrounding the Town of Minaki.

For more detailed coverage information please contact Navionics.


Gold region 2XG Canadian charts are available for purchase at Authorized Navionics Dealers and Distributors throughout the United States and Canada.


About Navionics®:

For 25 years, Navionics has developed and manufactured electronic navigation charts and systems for marine, inland lakes and rivers, and for outdoors use. Navionics is based in Massarosa, Italy, and operates sales and manufacturing facilities in seven countries - conducting research and development, operations, production, sales, marketing and distribution. Navionics headquarters in Massarosa, Italy serves Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and manages the research, development, and production facilities globally. Navionics US headquarters, based in Wareham, Massachusetts, oversees the Americas. Navionics UK and Navionics Australia provide sales and distribution to their local regions.


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September 13  Tough Week All Around

9/11 Anniversary, Flooding, Tough Jig Fishing
I wrapped up my media week as Tropical Storm Lee pounded the Susquehanna River Valley.  Things got so bad that they actually shut down portions of Route 81 to all traffic.  I took the above photo this past weekend at the exit for the town of Great Bend and Susquehanna just off Route 81.  Like everywhere else in the northeast, things are a mess.    

My salmon jigging season this year was a tough one.  The brown trout and lake trout were no match for the StinG-0 jigs and Butterfly jigs and I have countless photos, video and a television shoot to prove it.  However, I just could not get the salmon to go.  The last day of my latest photo shoot, Capt. Nick Lee did get a salmon to bump his jig but we broke him off.  Seconds later, a king salmon was jumping out of the water trying to drop the jig.  For those that do not know, king salmon feed in several ways and on the eastern basin of Ontario where bait is sporadic at times, salmon swim up and body slam the bait.  Once slammed, the salmon circles back to eat the alewife.  This is why the flasher and fly combo is so deadly.  On this day, Capt. Nick got body slammed but the fish was foul hooked and quickly lost.

The photo below is courtesy Tim Allard and from last week's adventure.  Visit all of Tim's work at

Tim's award winning book, Ice Fishing - The Ultimate Guide can be found online at his website.

Sept. 2  Irene Aftermath


Hurricane Irene really messed things up on land we know but also for those on the water.  The near shore fishing has slowed a bit with southern NJ really taking a hit.  Finding big fluke has been tough since the storm.  The chlorophyll charts look like not much changed immediately after the storm either.  That should not sit well with the tuna chasers in the Mudhole and Chicken Canyon area.  The rivers and streams are completely flooded in NJ and Eastern Pa, forcing most to just stay off.  The bright spot I suppose is that the Great Lakes did not see much rain at all which means that the salmon are trickling into the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY as opposed to piling in all at once.


Later this week, Tropical Storm Lee is expected to drive North and East, aiming right for the Lake Ontario region.  That very well could end the salmon boat fishing season on the big lake.  The storm combined with water releases by the power company is certainly going to suck fish into the river.  Get your river cleats ready!


Salmon River Mapped Out via Navionics App

Also, I finished mapping out all of the holes, access spots and water flow links on the Navionics Single app available on the iTunes store.  I will have photos up Tuesday of what you can expect if you purchase the app.

Aug. 27  -  Chlorophyll, Light Levels & More


The R/V Melosira at The University of Vermont relies on Navionics bathymetric maps because gear sets must be precise as they collect important scientific data.  The R/V Melosira actually purchases electronics that drive Navionics maps.  And, on this day, the folks from Middlebury College were on hand as their boats work Lake Champlain too.  With the invite from Captain Bill Lowell of R/V Melosira, I was eager to jump aboard and learn as much as I could.


I know this video is tough to hear (and I will work on that on future trips) but listen close and try to make out what each of us are discussing. 



Aug. 26  Irene is Almost Here


1 of 3 Navionics Tuna boats are secure.  The rest will be tight by Saturday Morning.  Since you will be home, plan on watching head cam video.  I will begin uploading recent Great Lakes Jigging video as well as tuna video from my days with Capt. Rich Kosztyu of MR Charters.  I think I even have stuff from Capt. Mickey.  I'll  fill the site will cool stuff so check back..

Aug. 22 - On The Water Tv Shoot Link


View how the shoot went minus day two events.  Day two we were dialed in!

August 22 Busy Past Two Weeks


Plenty of pictures and video across the northeast to come.  More magazines as well as On The Water Magazine & Television jumped aboard to learn more on just how vital bathymetric contour lines truly are when fishing, especially when fishing Lake Ontario and Lake Champlain with jigs.  Yes, I spent a few hours on Champlain trolling specific contour lines and captializing upon the pool level drop now taking place.  The guys I fished with on Champlain now use our iPad app in addition to their Furuno equipment onboard to place their boat on the right bathymetric contour lines.  This you have to see and I got it all!


Stay Tuned for Video!

August 11 - That's A Wrap


The editors of Outdoor Canada, a premier fishing & hunting magazine in Canada, visited me on Lake Ontario this past week.  The aim was to jig salmon but recent south winds chased the fish out of dodge.  At one point, I was jigging 250 feet down. One fish decided to live but not before rising to meet the jig for a closer inspection! 


Our back up plan was to troll for browns using Moonshine Spoons then drop StinG-O and Butterfly jigs down on the browns.  An hour or so into our trip, one of the magazine members got really sick and we returned to the dock for the day but not before catching a number of browns with Good Times Sportfishing out of Port Ontario. 


The next day, we decided to jig for lakers.  We found our spot by reading an article from Lake Ontario Outdoors on the NewsStand feature now available on the Navionics mobile app.  Yes, mobile navigation app users can now read articles from industry leading magazines on our app. While we were steaming to the spot, we read how to fish this spot thanks to Lake Ontario Outdoors.  Twenty minutes into fishing, we boated one laker and dropped two that hit the jig on the fall thanks to the article on the app.  The weather was not on our side as heavy storms forced us back to the dock at 9am.  But, we got the footage and video we needed for a successful shoot!  I would like to thank to Good Times Sportfishing, Top Gun Charters, Prime Time Charters and Lake Ontario Outdoors for helping me place our jigs in the right zone, allowing for a successful shoot with Outdoor Canada.  Thanks Fellas and Check out Navionics NewsStand on you iPhone.  Also feel free to read the words of the editor at Outdoor Canada at

August 8 - Browns on Lake Ontario, Oswego & Pulaski


Navionics Pro Staffers, Good Times Sportfishing in Pulaski New York, put Outdoor Canada Magazines crew on the brown trout meat today.  Trolling Moonshine spoons, we hit the browns hard before switching over to jigging.  The salmon fishing is off right now but the brown trout fishing remains consistent in 50-60 feet of water.


Expect salmon to move in to the Oswego area soon.  One shift in the wind can change everything overnight.

Aug. 3 'The Fish That Eats So Well They Named it Twice'


Cathy at Sterling Harbor Bait & Tackle in Wildwood sent me this photo of young Gabe Ferrante.  While trolling the East Lump with his father, this Mahi Mahi hit the scales at 10 pounds.  Mahi Mahi have invaded the waters off New Jersey with the 'Pots' area of the Mudhole producing plenty of fish. As peanut bunker become mor eplentiful, begin chumming the pots with fresh peanuts.  Who knows, with the amount of bluefin tuna around, you may tie into one of those as well. Captain Mickey of Mickey's Guide Service said plenty of bonito began appearing off Shark River.  Casting small spoons and trolling clark spoons is putting bonito in the boat.

Fluke fishing has been outstanding but most fish are throw backs and just short of the line.  The bigger fish are coming from select spots in the Amrbose channel, especially spots close to wrecks and bends in the channel.  Offshore pieces are holding plenty of big fish too but they are getting picked over.  The best bait is a snapper bluefish but watch the regulations carefully.  Heavy bucktails tipped with Berkley Gulp and otehr small 5 inch live bait perform well too.

August 2 Inshore, Offshore, Lake Ontario Fishing Well


Fluke fishing at Shrewsbury Rocks and at the Mud Buoy has been good lately but Just outside the Sea Girt Reef has been yielding a lot of fluke too.  Spro bucktails jigged with frozen smelt have been working for my friends.  You have to work at the keepers but plenty are being caught.  Navionics Pro Staff members including Shore Catch Guide Service is experiencing some greatt tuna fishing although the last trip out was a bit tough for Capt.Gene Quigley. Hopefully that off day turns aroudn for his crew.


The southern canyons are still producing lots of tuna and billfish.  Brady Lybarger shot some cool dredge cam video on his last venture to the edge.  Expect more cool underwater video from Brady this summer and fall.  Whites are taking naked ballyhoo but it is amazing to see how much attention the ballyhoo dredge gets.


Lake Ontario continues to produce king salmona nd brown trout in the eastern basin.  Trolling 120-140 is pretty good but bigger fish are suspended over 500 feet of water.  A-TOM-Ik and Big Weenie flies and dodgers are taking plenty of fish.  However, Michigan Stinger spoons and Suttons are taking plenty of fish too.

July 27 Speed Jigging Lake Ontario Brown Trout


I fished with Lake Ontario Outdoors Magazine and our tactic was speed jigging brown trout.  The bite was off but plenty of fish showed themselves as they rose from the depths obviously intrigued by the speed jigging tactic and Sting-O jigs as well as Butterfly Jigs.  In each of the videos below, watch how the rod and reel plays a role in swimming the jig.  Also pay close attention in the first video as fish follow the jig up to the boat and through the 76 degree surface water temps.


We have been speed jigging for years on Lake Ontario.   In fact, when Shimano first unveiled Butterfly Jigging years ago, I went to Lake Ontario to report my findings for product development. The tactic is the same from tuna fishing to salmon to trout.  You just have to modifly the speed and the gear.  We were using Shimano Torium and Trinidad 16 reels on Shimano Trevala ML rods.  Our line was Cortland's, soon to be released, color coded braid to know exactly where your jig is at - at all times. In the videos below, forget about the target specie and focus on the rod and reel movements.  Keep in mind that these reels retrieve 44 inches per crank.  It's all about speed!

July 18  Underwater Pelagics


My friend Brady is starting an underwater video company and capturing all sorts of raw underwater video.  Below is a video from last week in the canyons off Cape May. 


Speaking of Canyon fishing, the Washington Canyon is on fire with plenty of white marlin and small yellowfin tuna according to Sterling Harbor B&T in Wildwood.  Cathy said "The fluke fishing has been great, even for my kayak clientele.  And, the Duke of Fluke was a success with over 135 boats and 25 kayakers this past weekend." North Jersey produced some big tuna for Capt. Rich on MR Charters out by the princess region.  Rich texted me one photo of a really nice bluefin that fell to a Sting-O jig on Friday.

July 16 Kite Trolling


Navionics Pro Staff member, Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters on Cape Cod, began trolling with kite's for bluefin tuna and the white's that started to appear south of Nantucket.  Capt. Nugent said "I got the idea from the guy's in the Gulf of Mexico.  Ten days ago, white marlin and 10-50 pound bluefin were pushing half beaks (ballyhoo) out of the water.  The kite was a logical approach so I began deploying it."  On this day, Capt. Nugent's kite reel, an old Penn reel, finally quite after many screws fell out of the sideplate.  If you try this, find a sturdy reel with a good drag system. 


Yesterday, the conditions got pretty bad and we could not hit the temperature break we wanted to.  In the video, one screenshot shows a route I made on my Navionics iPad app that highlights the temperature break from yesterday.  The second shot in the video shows the area where massive schools of bluefish were feeding on sand eels.  Unfortunately, we could not get a tuna to fire in the 3 hours we fished.  And, the bluefish were a pain in the rear end.  At one point, we had 5 rods go at once, all bluefish!  By 2PM, the wind factory turned on big time so we called it quits.  It was just too sporty to be out, even for his 33 foot Contender.

June 14 - Not Fishing Today, NE Blow


My job today would have me offshore tuna fishing with a magazine editor. Instead, mother nature wanted to throw NE winds and 4-7 foot seas at our 27' World Cat.  We postponed till a later date because I am due on Cape Cod this Saturday Morning for a family vacation.


Instead, I visited launch sites and primitive access sites along the Delaware River collecting UGC (Fishing & Boating Content) for our mobile app and PC app products.  The data I entered today will be found on all applicable charts such as HotMaps Premium within a couple months.  You can access this fresh data by logging onto the website and entering our web store.  The Web Store is where all 2011 charts can be updated at no charge for a period of one year. 


If you target salmon on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY; visit any one of our mobile app devices or the PC app and search for round green icons with a +.  This symbolizes an access area, fishing spot or drift boat launch.  The Douglaston Salmon Run portion of the river will be fully mapped out by Labor Day.  Now, when I mean fully mapped out, our smartphone, iPad and PC apps will highlight parking areas, fees, holes and runs with supporting pictures and/or video.  I will not identify underwater contours that a typical lake chart would show.  To learn more about Navionics mobile apps, visit

July 13 


In my opinion, the salmon were following precise contour lines because bait were using the upwelling currents off those contours to their advantage.  We found major success trolling between two points and by Sunday 6 waypoints all across the same contour.  I mean it was an exact straight line on the Navionics Fish'N Chip chart.  It was so precise, I had to change the track color so that it was easier to view.  I think the salmon were nomadic in nature searcing the contour line and current flow in search of bait.  Others on the boat believe that the fishes comfort zone and preferred water temperature were why the were there.  Who knows the real answers but the fish were there.


We trolled flashers off copper wire, downriggers and used Big Weenie flies and a couple ATOMIK flies.  Proctologist and Homosezwhat were killer.

July 11 - Tuna, Fluke & King Salmon


Tuna:  The offshore grounds of the Poorman's is producing nice yellowfin tuna for the customers of Sterling Harbor Bait & Tackle in Wildwood this past week.  Trolling spreads have been working best.  Other shop customers are doing very well at first light in the Massey's region with the bluefin tuna.  Up the coast, the commercial scallop boats have left for northern waters.  However, my good friend Bill found life yesterday out of Manasquan and managed to pick one bluefin after watching 60 pounders cruise all around his boat.  They just weren't eating.  Coming in from the Chicken Canyon from trolling all morning, Bill stopped on a highspot, marked bait and began jigging StinG-O jigs. 


Fluke:  The Duke of Fluke kicks off next weekend in Wildwood, NJ out of Sterling Harbor Bait & Tackle.  And, with good fluke fishing happening off the Old Grounds as well as Delaware's Reef Site 11, expect some big fish to be weighed in.  Mickey from MIckey's Guide Service has been fluke fishing everyday out of Shark River.  Mickey has been catching a ton of fluke but most are short.  He has been dropping big bucktails tipped with meat as well as Berkley GULP products.


Lake Ontario:  After visiting some customers last Friday, I put the Navionics boat out on Lake Onatrio for some king salmon trolling during the Pro Am Tournament this past weekend. No, we did not compete. Using a Fish Hawk temp probe, we found 48* water at 80' down and ran our program.  The hot rods were copper lines outfitted with a flasher and fly combination.  The majority of our fish took flies from Big Weenie Brand with the patterns 'Proctologist' and 'Homosezwhat' taking the lionshare of our fish.   The steelhead really liked the a blue based fly called Shark Week. I think a king or two took that fly as well.


Also this weekend, I got to put a lot of pressure on the knotless copper wire rigging system I began developing in conjunction with Cortland Line and Fat Nancy's.  You can learn more about that system by visiting my You Tube Channel or by clicking here ).  The Cortland C 16 hollow core performed very well when attached to the copper as well as 40 pound release clip line and braid backing.  Where the system fell short was when we got ahead of ourselves and decided to run 30# fluorcarbon leaders.  I did know better trust me but we had to find the point at which 80# C 16 and smaller leaders would fail and not grab via the chinese finger cuff system.  And, we found that point at 30# leaders and a big fish that quickly stripped 1,000 of line off the reel.  The diameter difference between the 80# Cortland C 16 and the 30# fluorocarbon leader was too great.  But, the 40# leader held all weekend.  Overall, the knotless copper wire setup will work and we took 6 fish at or around 20 pounds as well as testing the system under two fish that peeled 1,000 feet of line off the reel.


Expect to see video this week once it's cut!

June 8 - Precise Contour Trolling


In the video below, this Donzi was fishing a specific contour and we were getting in his way as we were targeting our hot contour spot. 


I was in his way, he was in our way.  It is all good!

July 7  Offshore Fishing Red Hot


The tuna fishing and white marlin fishing has been nothing but exceptional off NJ.  The northern tuna grounds have been producing plenty of bluefin around the commercial boats.  But, expect the fleet to shrink once the framework paperwork is signed for the northern closed area. 


The southern canyons such as the Lindenkohl and Wilmington are producing some of the best fishing area captains have seen in memory.  In fact, many keep using the words "The Best June Months I have Ever Seen."  Yellowfin and white marlin have been keeping guys busy with ballyhoo dredges drawing tons of fish into their spreads.


Plus, the fluke fishing out front of Shark River and Manasquan has been producing excellent numbers of keeper sized fish.  My friends are pulling Spro bucktails tipped with smelt they buy at the grocery store.  Another hot lure has been a 4-6 ounce smiling bill tipped with a 6" Berkly Gulp tail.  This is a hot lure of choice for bigger fluke anywhere.

July 2 Bumper Pool on the Tuna Grounds


Word from the tuna grounds yesterday is that a ton of boats have flocked to the Scallopers as cookie cutter sized 45 and 46 inch bluefins are everywhere.  As the 4th of July approaches, and calm seas remain in the forecast, this outta get interesting and quick.  Hopefully the scallopers and tuna boats keep their cool and get along.  Then, we can have access to these fish for some time.  Buuuut, I don't expect that to happen.  History has proven to me that anytime you have a lot of boats confined to a small area, something is bound to happen.  Throw nice fish into the mix and everyone goes haywire.

June 29  Tuna Tracks


The Bass Barn message board had a thread that indicated to me that people had a tough go on Sunday out near the Glory Hole & Chicken Canyon.  They say "The Devil is in the Details"  and I truly believe that the fish striking or showing themselves are always telling us information.  I think all agree that most of us get to the fishing grounds and begin trolling, jigging, searching etc... I suppose it is up to you if you want to troll aimlessly around the region or follow precise contours and sea floor information that good bathymetric maps provide.  I prefer the later and always have!  Eventhough this structure is 200 feet down, current flow is altered because of it and pelagic species adapt to it each day.  And, if the Great Lakes folks are reading this, don't think for a second that salmon, trout and walleye aren't pelagics.  In the Great Lakes, most all fish are considered pelagic species and utilize the same type of structure, upwelling currents and can be caught based on the information provided below.


Above is a screenshot from my iPad Mobile Navigation App by Navionics.  The blue pins were short strikes this past Sunday while the green fish are, well fish we connected with.  After awhile, we stopped entering data into the plotter and/or iPad as we had the fish pretty much dialed in.  In some cases, I transferred the data from the plotter to my iPad after things settled down and in other cases, I hit the waypoint feature on the iPad.  The video below actually shows me grabbing the iPad at one point as a short strike occurs.  Information is key so collect as much as you can.  At the end of the day, the fish are telling us the story of the day. 


In the screenshot above, you will notice how close most of the strikes came to underwater points affecting water flow and more than likely creating some sort of upwelling.  When we used the Garmin plotter with their bathymetric maps, the points were round and offered much less detail than my iPad app and/or our Fish'N Chip with 1' contouring if we had that map onboard.

June 27 Glory Hole & Chicken Canyon Tuna Video



'A Friend' brought to my attention that it appears we gaffed a tuna then released it in the video above.  Please allow me to say that we boxed the gaffed tuna and released the rest of the tuna.  The released tuna were never gaffed and swam away to fight another day.


The bluefin have been here for three weeks that I know of and yesterday was my first crack at them.  Fresh in from a long drive from Ottawa Canada, I met Bill and the infamous Tuna Mobile for a quick 2 hour snooze prior to jumping on the boat for a 50 mile run in the dark.


We began trolling right away and the first rod to go was the way way back rod outfitted with a large bird & green machine combo.  Unfortunately that fish fell off half way through the battle.  That rig was pretty hot for us but custom made spreader bars built by Dave Arbeitman at The Reel Seat proved their weight in gold.  His spreader bars took most of the hits and in fact, we dropped from a 4 rod spread to a 3 rod spread because the bluefins beat the heck out of the one bar so badly.  We fished the damaged bar but it never took another hit after a series of crushing blows and tuna on the deck.


We did experience a number of short hits but we also connected in a major way and began our offshore season with a bang. More video to follow.  I captured a lot!

June 23  Raritan Bay Still Holding Stripers


As I sit in Ottawa for tonight's seminar appearance with Iconic Canadian fisherman "BIg" Jim McLaughlin, my old time friend Walt Neuman sends me this message from his excurison on the Ammo Pier at the Earle Base in NJ:


"The first 4 cast produced 4 Fluke for me (but just short of Keeper size)
on the 5th cast I didn't get a bite  then from 6-10 got some more shorts.
Then we started to play with the Bunkers popping up all over the place.
After we snagged enough, we brought out the BIG Rods with 50LB Power Pro
& Leaders. Then we were live lining & immediately hooked up with Bass that
were busting our 50 LB line, because we had to tighten down the drag all the way
otherwise they would go under the Pier around the Pilings. Maybe the older Fish
know enough to do that, because we had no problems with Fish to 20 LB they
Stayed in open Water. What a Night  Need more

June 21 - Red Hot NJ Stripers


Above, Capt. Mickey Melchiondo of Mickey's Fishing got his first 50 pounder today! Congratulations


Mickey called to tell me "After coming so close, so many times, we landed our first 50 lb. Striped Bass today on the Archangel. Fishing was absolutely stellar today, we had another fish that weighed 46 lbs. and the action lasted all day long. Thanks to Dan for booking the trip and landing this milestone fish for us"

Bass fishing is still explosive along the north Jersey coast with plenty of big bass chewing on bunker.  Go Get 'Em


Below is a track from a recent tuna fishing excursion on Cape Cod.  The Navionics Mobile app further identifies travel paths and tracks over key structure.  And, with the help of Google Earth, you too can better manage lat & lons while inspecting your travel path.  If you look at the Cape Cod canal section in the picture below, you will see some back-tracking over land.  This is when we learned that the Sandwhich ramp was closed for paving.  We used the mobile app to find the best launch site capable of floating a 33' Contender at low full moon tides.  Visit the iTunes App store or Android Marketplace to learn more about Navionics Mobile Apps.

June 20 - Fluke, Tuna & Striped Bass


My good friend Cathy at Sterling Harbor B&T in Wildwood sent me this great shot of a back bay fluke and Mike Brier.  Up and down the Jersey coast, plenty of back bay fishermen are catching nice sized fluke and right now.  In fact, a Rapala Husky Jerk fished along the holes and edges of any sod bank is a great tactic.


Capt. Rich Kosztyu also headed out in his Yellowfin for Tuna and scored.  One of my charter captain buddies has been out 6 times over the past two weeks and has caught his fair share and has yet to come back empty.  It is great to see Capt. Rich got on em too!  But, these guys are trolling to avoid the spawning bluefish and to cover ground.  These fish are in central and north Jersey with bigger bluefins off Cape Cod.  And yes, the bluefish are faaaaar offshore right now!


Green Machines have been working wonders but I am sure they are smashing other styles of spreader bars and daisy rigs too.Then Capt, Mickey sent me a picture of a 20 something pound bass his guys caught this morning. 


Bass & Bunker; Tuna & Spreader Bars; Nice Fluke & Back Bays

Pick Your Poison


Father's Day


One of my little ones with her first smallmouth bass.  This smallie took a white Mepp's Aglia.


The Delaware River is flowing high and with low visibility.  Not muddy enough for rattle traps but muddy enough that we were forced to use white spinners.  The bigger smallies are still holding along the slower portions oif the river but this should change anyday throughout my section of Easton, PA.


Once these heavy T'storms stop producing inches of rain at every storm, expect the river to settle in.  But, if she stays muddy, remember to throw the rattle traps, blade baits and otehr heavy vibration style lures.

June 18   What If?


What a learning experience on the tuna grounds off Cape Cod last week.


While trying to meet up with some folks as well as a gentlemen I have been following for years in Tom Keer, little things kept throwing me curve balls.  First it was the Sandwhich boat launch; closed for re-paving at 4am.  Our Navionics mobile app quickly placed our 33 footer at the Plymouth Launch.  In order to meet our crew, we first had to negotiate a full moon, dead low tide in the back of Wellfleet Harbor.  Combined that with a big boat and well, it took some maneuvering!  Where there is a will, there is a way right?  Capt. Ruge and I muscled our way in behind some commercial boats and had the guys scale a 30 foot vertical ladder with cameras & fly gear. 


On the fishing grounds, we covered major ground and saw little life off Stellwagen and Peakod Hill among other places.  Bass fishing for our friends was off so we decided to keep covering ground in search of tuna.  Halfway to Chatham, Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters texted us a Satellite Shot (equally as important as any bathmetric map) and a course change was in order.  Before long, shearwaters, gannetts, whales and tuna were in close quarters chewing on slack tide.  At times, the water was frothy white with 70"+ tuna feeding on 2" baits.   Other times, whales were bubble feeding with dramatic displays at the surface.  In the end, we tried everything and of various sizes only to come up empty. 


I sat around today asking myself What If?  What if I tried this?  What If we did that?  What If I pulled the fly rod out and clouser minnows?  What If!  It is easy to say now but when fish are popping up for very short periods of time and in no set order, we found ourselves preparing for that next opportunity.  A few opportunities presented themselves but we never came tight.  It just wasn't our day! 


In all, we covered 200 miles and found fish at the 150 mark thanks to a friend.  We watched as spotter planes and stick boats( harpoon boats) worked together and played their game. We witnessed massive feeding frenzies of whales and tuna.  This day, we gave it everything we had and there are no regrets.  We gave it 100%

June 16 Cape Cod Tuna Blitz


Long Day, Best Tuna Activity of Year on Riptide Charters, Short Video

Report to Follow

June 14 - Tuna, Stripers & Catfish


Gotta start with the catfish.  The three girls took their first boat ride and they each fought their first fish off chicken livers while fishing the Delaware River last Friday.


Sterling Harbor Bait & Tackle in Wildwood New Jersey reports great catches of tuna in the lower canyons.  Plus, I have one friend that caught bluefin off the central coast late last week on the troll.  His bluefin were 50'ish pounds.  Spreader bars with small skirts performed the best for him.


The Cape Cod tuna bite is on fire.  Navionics pro staffer Terry Nugent of Riptide charters is catching plenty of 25 pound bass under acres and acres of birds.  The tuna appear to have slowed a bit.


I will be up on teh cape fishing later this week!  Stay Tuned for some video action - hopefully!

June 12  Delaware River Smallies


In the video below, a mature Bald Eagle flew across the river and landed in a tree.  Click on my You Tube link on the left for a larger view.  In the beginning of the video, look closely at the top and dead center.  You will see the eagle fly across.  To bad my new camera does not have zoom capabilites.  The price I paid for underwater capabilities.  Oh Well.


I fished the river today for a couple hours with a friend.  I picked up a new HD video camera and I am still learning the advanced features as well as the best format for video quality so bear with me.  Archie, my former web guy,was here to help me with that process. The river was high but pretty clear.  Like usual, the bass were holding in slower moving water off the main channel.  We did not manage to catch any big fish in the three hours we were out but in all a good day.  Rapala sticks and shad raps performed the best today.  We tried spinnerbaits and senko's too.

Resurrection in Oswego, NY Lake Ontario

June 4


The Oswego Harbor walleye bite is On!


This is a great opportunity for 16 foot aluminum boat guy to target big walleye within 4 1/2 hours of Philadelphia and New York City!  This fishery yields some hefty walleye but it is a night bite, and a great bite.  Last night, we trolled side planer boards outfitted with cyalum sticks for visibility while Rapala 18's with glow tape put meat in the boat.  More to follow with video, stay tuned!

Mako's & Drum

Happy Memorial Day & Good News!


The Capt' Cam fishing video will be back.


For those that don't know me, I am (and will be) that guy on the water, minding his own business and almost always on the bite.  My friends from the fishing industry will help me bring the latest fishing products, most cutting edge tactics and of course, fishing video into your computer/


I haved a full summer planned with on the water trainings of major retailers, magazines and TV shows across North America.  Whether it's fishing the salt, Lake Ontario, Cape Cod or various freshwater waterways inbetween, expect to be entertained and take tidbits of information away from my video.  You will learn as my Navionics customers learn; in real fish catching or non-catching scenarios.  Everything from Navionics Map reading to reading bathymetric charts, understanding electronics to downrigging salmon and jigging tuna.  Hell, I even have a billfish trip planned. You name it, it'll be covered in the ensuing months.  If you have questions on product or tactics, drop em a line at and I will try to get you the answer.


Sit Back and Enjoy as the Capt's Cam is soon to return in HD!

May 29


My good friends at Sterling Harbor B &T in Wildwood NJ said that the black drum bite was decent but this upcoming full moon should turn it on.  Last week, the Gentile party caught this 63 pounder in Delaware bay.  Also, this week,

Capt. Joe Gillen and crew of the Y-Knot out of Cape May, NJ checked in with a 249 pound Mako Shark caught by John Brunell.

If that's not enough, plenty of 40 pound bluefin tuna are crashing spreader bars in the baltimore and Wilmington Canyon's.  It sounds like plenty of fish are around and tuna season here in Nj is shaping upt to be a good one.

Plus, I am waiting word on the tunas that appeared in Cape Cod Bay and off Cape Anne late Last week. I should have pictures and accounts of stories by Tuesday.  But, the tuna were spotted!


Capt. Joe Gillen and crew of the Y-Knot out of Cape May, NJ checked in with a 249 pound Mako Shark caught by angler John Brunell.

May 27


Bluefin Tuna as Endangered Species, Not Warranted


Members of the media were invited to sit in on a conference call this morning as officals discussed the endangerment of the bluefin tuna.  Read the full story below:

Till further notice, we can fish for Bluefin Tuna!


Big Bunker = Big Bass

May 26 - Central NJ Coast


Bunker arrived in Manasquan and Shark River with a fair amount of big bass with them.  While testing the new Navionics Mobile fishing app with Saltwater Sportsman and Furuno, we found ourselves snagging bunker and feeding them too.  The picture above is one of Capt. Mickey's customers while Capt. Rich Kosztyu of MR Charters found some meat on our boat.  Now is the time for some really big bass!


My facebook page has more photos and fish catching video so take a peek and click on the link page left.

May 14 - Fog Sets in at Wilson Invitational


Somewhat dense fog has set in over western Lake Ontario.  The salmon bite on the Niagara Bar is off from years past with water temps at 44-46 degrees.  Only 4 fish over 20 pounds weighed in including a 27 pounder caught by Cold Steel on Big Fish Friday.  Fish over 20 pounds can be entered.

May 10  Niagara Bar, Lake Ontario


The Wilson Invitational, a $50,000 king salmon tournament this upcoming Saturday, May 14, has caught the eye of charter captains from around the Great Lakes.  Boats from as far away as Michigan and New Jersey are here pre-fishing for the 1st place prize of $20,000.  Team Outcast from Philadelphia took me out on their Grady White and were eager to learn how Navionics fishing maps can further pinpoint key spots to troll across and help there overall fishing success.  Subtle changes were critical today.


The bite was slower than in recent days according to Team Outcast but we still managed to pop some fish on a lure I brought with me, a Sebile Onduspoon.  The strikes came from tight contour edges with subtle indentations and/or points over the straight, featureless contour lines.  Navionics Gold could not allow these guys to hone in on 'The Spot on The Spot' like the Fish'N Chip could. This team now has better road map and level of detail for their trolling future.

These guys have never heard of the Navionics Fish'N Chip for the Great Lakes (or Sebile Onduspoons for that matter) and this is what they do.  But, they has been using our Gold 2XG chart for years.  Boy were they surprised when they saw its capabilities and level of detail.  Here is a zoomed out shot of what they never knew existed.  We were trolling the ledge (dark grey lines) with precise paths, keeping the downriggers 25-45 feet below the surface.  But the strikes came from sublte points and indentations on the lake floor.  If you look at the picture closely, you will see contours that separate a bit.  These became target areas quickly for us.  If you are in the area, the laker bite up on top of the Niagara Bar is insane with 20 pound lakers smahsing jigs right now.

May 7 Flathead Catfish on the Susquehanna


I hired Dave Shindler of JST Fishing out of Harrisburg, PA.  Using live sunfish, we fared well with 4-15 pound catfish but never got into the larger kitties that live there. 


The river is high and swollen and we were anchoring in the trees and fishing the edges. 

April 26


Yes my friends, my boat has been converted into a Great Lakes Downrigging machine and survey boat.  This rig is outfitted with 4 Cannon electric downriggers, planer masts, dipsy rod holders and of course a Raymarine C wide, Raymarine Classic C, Humminbird 1157, Lowrance HDS 7, Plotter Sync by Navionics and some other key survey equipment.


So far, trolling for brown trout has been excellent along Mexico Bay and Port Bay.  Capt, Mike Weaver trolled last weekend to as many as 5 fish on at once.  His best lures have been stickbaits such as Rapala's but I do know he caught a few browns on spoons.  Most fish are ranging between 3-8 pounds.

April 25


I am sure that many of you know that fishing has been stellar.  The Delaware despite huge rainss is producing lots of striped bass if you can get  the herring.  I have seen pictures of fish as big as 55 pounds from the Delaware River. 


The Raritan Bay and Oceanfront with fish pouring into the Hudson river is explosive.  Out front, Capt. Rich has been jigging and casting to some very nice striped bass.  Inside the bay, friends are hammering down on bass with clam.  I do know some guys are trolling stretch 25's but the time is here that  the bass should be taking bunker or bunker heads.  I am sur ethat guys are egetting bass on bunker but i have no heard of it yet.


Capt. Frank Masseria is doing extremely well inside the bay and he is clamming.


Right now, I am in New England for work.  The Gloucester Cod and haddock bite is preety bad with only small fish to showw for it.  However, that Block Island/Montauk region is producing nice cod still.

April 20


Last week, Navionics wrapped up a project on Lake Fork.  2011 HotMaps Premium South chart owners can now update their exisiting 2011 charts with this new data through our Freshest Data program.  Over the next few days, I will add more pictures on how Navionics is making our maps better than ever before including the imbedded charts that come pre-loaded with older data on the Lowrance, Humminbird, Raymarine and GeoNav chart plotters.


Here, we used down scan and side scan technology to verify that our maps are correct and to search out new structure.  While surveying lakes and waterways, Navionics will be updating road beds, foundations, reefs and more.

April 20


The Delaware River is blown out due to all of the rain.  However, once she settles, the herringa nd bass should be in full swing in Trenton.  Up on the Raritan, friends have been doing welll with stripers considering the weather.  Clam fishing is the best but some bunker have been showing.


I tried to fish Lake Ontario last weekend but strong winds kept us off the water.  The brown trout bite is exceptional right now from Port Bay to Mexico.  Trolling stick baits along shallow shorelines is the key.  Yesterday, friends went 23 for 25 with a couple coho mixed in.

March 24


By Now, most everyone has heard of the latest tuna news from North Carolina.  My friends at Canyon Runner Sportfishing (along with other captains) are having a difficult time with Killer Whales eating 250-300 pound Bluefin Tuna during the fight.  The picture above is a giant tuna eaten right up to the head on a recent Canyon Runner trip.  Here are some words from the Capt. Mark DeBlasio


"I can only say I have never seen anything like it ... We found the bluefin good today, with 9 bites, 7 of which came tight. Of those 7, we brought a 71", 80", 82" and 86" fish to the boat, with the Orcas giving us hell on 3 of those 4. They managed to eat one other bluefin right up to the head before I developed my "anti Orca" tactics and we pulled the hook on one around 75" near the boat and broke another one of when the braid got buried in the spool. On the 48, they had some bites and managed to get an 85" or so fish boatside, then got spooled on a 70VS and lost a few to the Orcas. It was definately a Nat Geo kind of day. At one point some two tone dolphins swam right into the pod of Orcas and we expected to see a bloodbath ... it did not materialize and the two tones swam away fine .. must be some sort of "mammal etiquette".. I have some more pics coming , but for now I wil post a few of what ws left of a bluefin after the Orcas took a bite."






March 20  'Over The Rail & In The Pail'


The Shad have arrived and they are here in Force!

I fished with a couple guide friends of mine today. Like clockwork, the high water sucked tons of fish upriver.  The bite has been strong for four days now despite really high water.  Today, we had our 4 man limit by 8:15 in the morning and as the day went on, we proceeded to pick away with some double headers and even a triple if I recall properly.  The bulk of the shad were 3-5 pounds with a couple possible 6 pounders thrown in too.  We got a lot of fish!


My friend still has a few openings if you are interested in some early season jig fishing.  Just email me and I will shoot his his info.

March 3 - Tuna Bonanza in NC


My good friend Mickey fished late last week in NC and here is what he had to tell me:


We just got back from an amazing fishing trip for Bluefin tuna on the "Tuna Duck" out of Hatteras Inlet, NC. My good friend Nick Honachefsky was writing a cover story for Saltwater Sportsman Magazine on jigging and popping giant Tuna and I was lucky enough to get to tag along and fish as well. We had some very sharp anglers on the boat in Sami Ghandour and his partner Paul Chua who together own Saltywater Tackle Co. These guys have been involved in importing the top jigging tackle from Japan as this style of fishing has gained popularity. After witnessing it firsthand I think it's safe to predict that the days of fighting these fish on 130 wide reels are numbered. This is a fun and effective way to land these fish instead of just trolling around and watching someone fight a fish for hours in a fighting chair. We left the inlet at sunrise on saturday to be greeted with 8 foot seas that eventually subsided a little throughout the day. the good news is that we were on a 55 foot boat and it kept a lot of other smaller boats off the water, we pretty much had the tuna grounds all to ourselves. We had constant action with small Blackfin Tuna and False Albacore and we also managed to bring 5 Bluefin to the deck, all about 90-100 lbs. I had the first fish of the day at about 100 lbs and we finished the day going 5 for 8 on Bluefin and released all our fish. Sunday was a different story with beautiful weather and light seas and a lot of boats. We boated another 5 fish including 2 fish over 200 lbs. Sami managed to bring his 250 lb. beast to the deck in only 12 minutes on a 5 foot spinning rod matched with a Shimano Stella 20000. He is about my size and weighs probably 25 lbs. less, watching him put the boots to this beast of a fish was one of the more impressive rounds of angling I've ever witnessed and I learned a lot from this guy. hopefully we get to fish again together.

March 1 - Official Kick Off for NJ Striped Bass


This is typically the day that striper aficionados head to Graveling Point and target striped bass.  However, some guys have been fishing other areas of NJ and catching fish for two weeks.  It is a specific deal, requiring the right tide, the proper amount of sun and the right bait, in this case a specific worm, situated along the edge of a shallow flat.  For those that must watch from the sidelines with shrink wrapped boats, here is a short video on how to throw a castnet, just in case you need some extra practice.  God knows we could all use a little practice.


And, by the way - my friends just got back from jigging 200+ pound bluefin tuna in NC.  They did well except they lost 4 jigs at $100 bucks each.  OUCH!!/profile.php?id=100001382373714 


February 28, 2011


For those that can get out fish, the Delaware River is flowing high but only lightly stained.  Unfortunately, I am gearing up for another show in Suffern, NY or I would have fished today.  Ramps are clear from Easton, PA south.  The walleye bite should be stellar on this high water flow. 


February 16, 2011


Plotter Sync by Navionics & Raymarine

Capt. Rich just got back today from tuna fishing in North Carolina.  Field testing new Avet Reels and some prototype rods, the crew managed 8 bluefin to the boat.  Pictures are coming!


Plus, I will be attending the Navionics booth at the Suffern, NY Outdoor Show in two weeks.

January 28, 2011


Freshest Data Program from Navionics


Buy Select 2011 Navionics charts and register your chart at the Web Store section of the Navionics website at


Receive FREE UNLIMITED Updates for one year including new lakes, updated surveys, notice to mariners, new UGC data, corrections, POI and additional data applicable to that map.


It's like getting a new chart every day or every week!

January 30


"Mobility on Ice"  Hits The Ice


Earlier this fall, I launched and promoted the "Mobility on Ice" concept.  Using ATV's outfitted with GPS units, my goal was to promote the idea of using GPS and navionics Lake maps for maximum precision during your day on the ice. Now, the idea of GPS units on snow machines started out in the midwest a couple years back but this concept is still in it's infancy across the country and in Canada.  At The Almost Annual Crappie Derby in Binghamton, NY, this concept really hit home and it clicked with the competitors too.

This derby utilizes a string of loud speakers across the middle portion of the lake to inform competitors of fish size and time limits.  Every 15 minutes, mini competitions existed and competitors could win as much as $500 during each 15 minute interval throughout the 8 hour event.  Anglers with contending fish jumped on their snow machines and covered ground fast in attempts to win that interval.  As Atv's and snowmobiles arrived at Ice Central, I noticed many orange hand held GPS devices.  The only orange hand held I know of is the DeLorme PN 40 that utlizes the Navionics Charts.  In fact, the very same units we have been promoting exclusively this fall.  Oddly enough, I saw zero fish finder chart plotters mounted to snowmachines.


By days end, this event drew over 5,000 people with at least 1,000 portable ice fishing huts for mobility as well as 1,000 atv's and snowmobiles, if not more.